Formula Assistance

The PKU Foundation is sympathetic and understanding of insurance regulations that hamstring families in need of formula. For temporary, immediate assistance, please complete and return the "Standing in the Gap" form.

Research Funding

It is the desire of The PKU Foundation to fund various organizations focused on curing and enabling the lifestyle of patients afflicted with PKU. Should your organization desire financial support for projects, please complete the grant assistance form below and you will be contacted for an onsite interview.

Awareness Packets

Peer acceptance is often a battle for young teens and tweens struggling with diet maintenance. Providing readily available , age-appropriate printed and visual materials equips parents, children and community members to better handle these emotional barriers. To order these materials for immediate delivery, provide an honorary donation along with the form below.

"The PKU Foundation is a wonderful resource I can turn to when my patients are having difficulty obtaining formula. The formula is imperative to the kid's health and well being. In the past there was only limited help I could offer families when emergencies occurred, but now the PKU Foundation offers the help these families need to continue to care of their child with PKU."
Katie Green, Metabolic Dietician Clinical Nutrition Children's Medical Center Dallas
"The PKU Foundation and Team PKU have been a great support of TX Tough and Children's Medical Center. They are one of our top fundraising groups as well as one of the largest teams. Their participation in TX Tough events has greatly broadened the awareness of PKU. Sara and David Pearson are two of the most wonderful parents it's been my pleasure to meet. Their mutual enthusiasm for taking the initiative to address issues surrounding PKU is inspiring."
Joel Williams, Founder TX TOUGH
"I am so excited about The PKU Foundation. I believe that PKU gets "overlooked" because it is rare and there isn't a centralized foundation or group to advocate for it. Through the PKU Foundation we will be able to raise awareness and generate money for research so that our children may be able to eat a normal diet one day. The Foundation will bring the PKU community together and together we can make a stand for our children."
Christy Weston, PKU Parent